It Is Important To Be Happy In Your Work

When you get out of bed, do you instantly feel energized and ready to start work? Or does the idea of getting out of bed threaten and worry you? No matter what field of work you have. Whether you run a million dollar company or are a simple insurance for motor servicing salesman, the problem of being happy with your work is a common ground. It does not become easier as you go up in life or change jobs. It is an inh

Journals to Bust Boredom

Are you bored? Have you tried all the strategies we have discussed on boredombustingideas.co.uk? Well then here’s a deeper boredom busting post just for you! Journal Start your own journal. Just begin to write randomly. It can be on anything in your life. Rant all you wish, or write up dreams that you have during the day. What is it that you desire in life what gives you comfort in life and so on. The important t

Boredom Busting Ideas for Kids and Parents

Got kids then you know how quickly kids can lose interest and get bored. Here are some interesting boredom busting ideas for you and your kids. Use them as inspiration to make your own list of things to do. Sumo Wrestling Yup all you need is some plus size T-shirts and lots of pillows. Stuff the pillows into your T-shirts and drop them on your kids to start a session of Sumo wrestling. Remember to use the bed to av