Got kids then you know how quickly kids can lose interest and get bored. Here are some interesting boredom busting ideas for you and your kids. Use them as inspiration to make your own list of things to do.

Sumo Wrestling

Yup all you need is some plus size T-shirts and lots of pillows. Stuff the pillows into your T-shirts and drop them on your kids to start a session of Sumo wrestling. Remember to use the bed to avoid injuries.

Fun Eatable Painting

To make paint that your family can consume, simply use milk and food coloring. Paint toast and then consume them with your kids while cooking up a story of each toast and why you are eating it the way you are.

Cookie Fun

Baking can be fun if you use the cookies afterwards in a game of Othello! Yup, just make sure you bake two types of cookies. And those that are lost you can eat later.

Stacking Games

You can use plastic cups for stacking as well as cards. Stacking games are incredibly easy and fun when it is competitive. There are ready made stacking games too such as Jenga but you need not spend anything to enjoy stacking games.

Play Music

Teach your kids to play music using Flutes, drums and even keyboards. It can be fun to learn alongside kids. In turn, you can further hone your own musical skills.

Simple Games

Remember those games we played as kids ourselves? Hide and Seek, Marco Polo and the likes… Kids today spend an awful lot of time on computers, game consoles and on the internet when they can engage in good old simple games of past. Teach them and play with them until they get hooked to these simple yet exciting games.