Are you bored? Have you tried all the strategies we have discussed on Well then here’s a deeper boredom busting post just for you!


Start your own journal. Just begin to write randomly. It can be on anything in your life. Rant all you wish, or write up dreams that you have during the day. What is it that you desire in life what gives you comfort in life and so on. The important thing is to write without thinking. Whatever you feel like putting pen to paper, write on that.

Recognize Your Comfort Zone

As your write further, you will realize that certain things put you in a sort of comfort zone. Make a note of what situations or activities at home and work give you the feeling of safety. Also make another list of things that are not in your immediate comfort zone but you will feel happy doing them if you can let go of your fears.

Recognize Those Fears

Next step is to recognize the fears that stop you from getting outside of your comfort zone. Fears are never really very complex. They can be trivial and all it needs is daily work to overcome them. Remember to always name your fears even if you cannot properly describe them. Then work towards overcoming these fears and write down your progress in your journal.

Work On These Fears

Once you recognize the fears and start working on them, you will face disappointments and hurdles. Recognize these, write them down and retry with a different approach. The more you work on your fears and the more you recognize small achievements, the sooner you can get out of your comfort zone and overcome boredom.